Saturday, January 09, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was a blur. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parents. We then drove to Knoxville and spent Christmas night and part of the next day with Andrew's parents and family. This was the first year that we did not spend a week away from home. Even though it was short we had a wonderful time. The kids were alot of fun this year (especially Anna)!

Anna received a Snow White movie, dress, and barbie doll!

My beautiful niece Presley


Playing with the Cinderella castle from Grammy and Papa!

Drew playing "cars" with Presley's new Polly pocket set! Yes, he is sitting on top of my parents dining room table!!!

These two look alot alike and ACT the same.......

They love each other!!!

December is a BIG month for Anna. With her birthday being two weeks before Christmas she will open gifts almost the entire month!!!

Grandpapa and Nana

Opening Christmas and Birthday presents

Opening his stocking

My "boys".......handsome are they not?

Making pot holders.....a gift from Aunt Susan!

Five going on fifteen!!!

Christmas 2009