Friday, September 01, 2006

Busy week!!!! Fun night!!!

This has been a busy week!!! My mommy had to work more than usual this week!! I overheard her saying that she took care of a strange lady last night and her head hurt from taking care of her!! Yesterday my mommy tried to take me to the park but it rained so we went to the Goodwill instead. My mommy let me pick out this pooh bear to take home. Then we went to Mcdonald's. I had a blast. After spilling milk down into my shoes my mommy let me play in the play area. I made two new friends. Today my mommy and I played at home. She let me do my new water coloring that my cousin Presley gave me. I had so much fun!!! Tonight my mommy was called off work so my mommy, daddy, and I went to the park. My daddy is so cooool he loves to slide with me. Then we went to Target to buy diapers. Then we went home to play. I love my family!!!

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