Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well today baby Drew had his first hair cut by big sis Anna. She used her pliers!!!!! I guess she noticed how long his hair has grown!!!! Next Drew is learning to grasp toys. I sat this dinosaur in front of him and he attempted to grab it. He sat in his Dumbo chair ( its really called a bumbo chair but Anna likes to call it a Dumbo chair) for about 40 minutes and played with his toy. Next, Anna is doing well. She loves to interact with Drew. She is a great helper and likes to SHOVE the pacifier into Drew's mouth ALL the time. She loves her new class and new teachers. She now stays for lunch and then they let them play on the playground (Anna's favorite thing). Last but not least Drew slept THROUGH the night. I am not sure it will happen again anytime soon but it sure was great while it lasted!!!!!

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